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SEOkicks uses its own crawlers for the continuous collection of link data and makes this data available via website, CSV export and API. The current index comprises over 200 billion link datasets.

In Germany, the SEOkicks Backlink Checker has been one of the most frequently used backlink databases for some time now. In the meantime, however, the number of users from other countries has also risen constantly. Until now, users outside Germany have had to suffice with the German website, which has not always been so easy unfortunately, particularly in the account booking section. We are therefore very pleased that we can now offer an English-language version of the SEOkicks website starting immediately.

The SEOkicks backlink database currently comprises over 100 billion link datasets that are entirely collected using our own web crawlers. The avarage crawling bandwidth currently totals 2,600 Mbit/s and is being continuously expanded so that we can constantly provide ever greater volumes of increasingly fresh data.

As link unbuilding now forms just as much a part of the day-to-day work of an SEO as link building, links that no longer exist are automatically deleted from the SEOkicks database as soon as the removal of a link is detected. In direct comparison with databases that do not delete old links promptly, this may lead in our case to somewhat low domain or link-pop values here and there, yet the perceived quality of the data is considerably higher.

In addition to accessing backlink data through the website, it can also be retrieved via backlink API and imported to your own tools, for example. Both an XML and a JSON API are available for this. To use the API, an account is required, which can be set up starting at the sensational price of € 9.90/month (net). Even the lowest rate plan already contains 30,000 API credits, with which you can retrieve the domain and link-pop values of 30,000 URLs per month, for example. An additional 0.1 credit per dataset is required for retrieving individual links (including anchor text and follow/no-follow status). You can find detailed information about this in the API documentation.

We hope to make work somewhat easier for our users outside of Germany. Should you have any questions about SEOkicks, please send us an e-mail. We are happy to assist you! We are also always happy to receive feature requests and any other feedback.

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Wednesday, 26. November 2014 um 18:31

nice API services with cheap price. ^.^

Saturday, 10. January 2015 um 01:40

Thanks for this great Backlink tool.

Thursday, 22. January 2015 um 05:23

thnx its really useful API services for my site

Saturday, 21. March 2015 um 12:47

Thank you SEOkicks Team for this great tool, it works fine and without any issue.

Thursday, 25. June 2015 um 17:07

Great tool for website designer and SEO companies for checking out your competition and finding new link building opportunities. Very cheap as well compared to other backlink checking tools.

Monday, 28. December 2015 um 10:55

Thanks for this convinient backlink tool.

Sunday, 6. March 2016 um 22:34

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DIivne Crafts
Wednesday, 9. March 2016 um 04:18

Thanks for this great Backlink tool.I Really enjoy this tool after check some our website backlink report.

Sunday, 8. May 2016 um 17:38

Hello Team, thanks for that helpfull backlink tool.

Wednesday, 11. May 2016 um 03:41

Please, translate your tool to Spanish, here in Latin america we have a lot of SEO analyst who need your service but don’t speak english nor german.

Monday, 13. June 2016 um 07:58

Thanks, the best backlink tool

Wednesday, 28. September 2016 um 14:50

Thanks for an excellent tool – most useful and fast.
Tuesday, 8. November 2016 um 19:48

Thanks for an excellent tool – most useful and fast.

Wednesday, 16. November 2016 um 13:22

Thanks for such a awesome backlink tool.

Enric Tellez
Wednesday, 23. November 2016 um 11:11

Tool works very well, thanks for recommending it!

Simon Kristensen
Sunday, 5. February 2017 um 10:39

Many thanks! This is the best backlink tool 🙂

Monday, 6. March 2017 um 17:31

Hello seokicks tem !
Thank you to allow me to check some backlinks 😉

Thursday, 25. May 2017 um 15:21

Nice tool to find backlinks for a website!

Wednesday, 28. June 2017 um 18:19

Good job for this tool, very well backlink tool

Friday, 14. July 2017 um 03:41

Thanks for an excellent tool – most useful and fast.

Monday, 31. July 2017 um 07:18

Great features of your services help us everyday and thanks to provide everything in English language for countries other than Germany.

Tuesday, 15. August 2017 um 22:02

Tool works very well, thanks for recommending it!

Friday, 25. August 2017 um 12:31

I used to use the API years ago – time to start this up again 🙂

Tuesday, 17. October 2017 um 11:24

One of the best recommended tools so far. Many Thanks

Dr. Abel Johannesburg
Friday, 3. November 2017 um 09:18

my concern is that is this SEO able to check also other links from our websites in other countries or its only for Germany websites.

Friday, 3. November 2017 um 11:04

We’re crawling websites all over the world, so SEOkicks is usefull for non-German domains as well.

Friday, 3. November 2017 um 19:20

the best backlink tool, Thanks for recommending it!

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